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08-24-2003, 04:36 AM
This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.
Dan Ferris
Univ. of Michigan


Carini A. Pietrabissa R.
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Gingerich PD.
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(Cetacea) in relation to skeletal proportions and locomotion of living
semiaquatic mammals
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subjects - study of performance variability and rail effect on treadmill
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irregular surfaces
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stride length
Gait & Posture. 18(1):69-77, 2003 Aug.

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healthy and anterior cruciate ligament deficient (ACLD) during straight
ahead and crossover cutting activities
Gait & Posture. 18(1):126-138, 2003 Aug.

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Kai T. Shao-qing G. Geng-ting D.
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calcium phosphate ceramic composites as bone graft substitute for lumbar
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Laycock SD. Day AM.
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Computer Graphics Forum. 22(2):117-132, 2003 Jun.


Liu J. Ferrari M.
A discrete model for the high frequency elastic wave examination on
biological tissue
Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences. 4(3-4):421-430, 2003 Jun.

Rao IJ. Humphrey JD. Rajagopal KR.
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application to tendons and ligaments
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Vena P. Contro R.
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of composite artificial ligaments
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Ikeda K. Yamauchi D. Osamura N. Hagiwara N. Tomita K.
Hyaluronic acid prevents peripheral nerve adhesion
British Journal of Plastic Surgery. 56(4):342-347, 2003 Jun.

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