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Eoin O Dwyer
10-19-2003, 03:03 AM
Hello all,

I am currently doing a masters which requires me to build a rig which will
measure the forces that occur when cutting artificial skin with surgical

I am having a problem with sourcing a load cell. I need one which measures
force in three axis with a force range of 0-50 Newtons. I had the idea of
building an arm which would hold the blade and a compression type load cell
I reckoned that I might be able to get dimensions diameter 30-40mm and
thickness 15-25mm, the smaller the better.

I have come across single axis load cellswhich will do this but I cant seem to
be able to loacate a three axis load cell.

The only other stipulation is cost, I have to get a cheap one 1,500-2,000
euros would be ideal, but we're willing to pay up to 3,000 euros if we cant
find anything else.

If anyone has any ideas about where I might get such a load cell or if they
have any other ideas about how I might solve this problem.
I would greatly appreciate any responses.


Eoin O Dwyer
University College Dublin
+ 353 1 7161991

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