View Full Version : Help finding PIOs on your campuses

Roger Johnson
06-29-1993, 03:17 AM
I am Roger Johnson, communications director for The Whitaker
Foundation. I am new to this list, and I hope I am not imposing or stepping
outside the guidelines to make a request. I have also sent this message
to BIOMAT-L and hope that there is not too much redundancy between the two
lists, but if you have already read this, please ignore this repeat.
First, I assume that many of the members of this list are
biomedical engineers or do work similar to or are collaborating with BMEs.
Is that correct? What is the composition of this group?
Second, The Whitaker Foundation--we give grants to biomedical
engineering researchers at campuses across N. America--is expanding its
communication effort, especially among biomedical engineers. We are also
reaching out to the public information offices on your campuses to
exchange information, partly to keep in touch with what they are writing
about your work and also to keep them informed about what we communicate
about biomedical engineers on their campuses.
Which leads into: Can you help me. Would you please send me the
name, address, phone number, FAX #, and email address for the appropriate
person or persons on your campus. I would like to have the info for both the
chief of the news office and the science writer who covers engineering.