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Riley Splittstoesser
11-03-2003, 09:57 AM
The University of North Carolina is looking for an Ergonomist to join
the Health and Safety team. This candidate will develop and implement a
comprehensive ergonomics program for the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill. The program will include identifying positions that have
ergonomic action triggers and other risk factors; procedures for observation
of current work practices and job safety analysis; implementing policies and
procedures to minimize or reduce the ergonomic hazards; provide education to
optimize comfort, safety and health; facilitate university compliance with
OSHA ergonomic requirements; and assess the quality and success of the
University's ergonomic program. The minimum requirements include a Bachelor
of Science in Ergonomics, Occupational Heath and Safety, Human Factors,
Occupational therapy, physical therapy or related field with significant
course work in Ergonomics. This position may require some night and/or
weekend work to meet customer hours of operations. Salary range $34,046 -
$53,809. For an application, phone (919) 962-2991, or apply at: Employment
Department, Office of Human Resources, The University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill, CB #1045, 725 Airport Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1045; or
applications are available on the University web site www.jobs.unc.edu
(www.ais.unc.edu/hr/jobs/spa/fulltime/job12.htm for direct link).
Application must include the following: position number 37490 and
Department number 2371. For additional information, please contact Mary
Crabtree, Workplace Safety Manager at (919) 962-5719.

Riley Splittstoesser, MS AEP
Department of Environment, Health & Safety
212 Finley Golf Course Rd., CB #1650
Chapel Hill, NC 27517-4440
Phone: (919) 843-4642 Fax: (919) 962-0227 (EST)

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