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Jens Meyer
11-04-2003, 01:18 AM
Post-Doctoral Fellowship or Research Assistant Professorship

A position is available in the Boston University NeuroMuscular Research
Center Human Motor Control Laboratory. The successful candidate will
participate in extramurally funded research that examines the control of
multi-segment limb movement, using advanced engineering techniques, and will
have the opportunity to develop their own lines of research.

Opportunities exist to interact in collaborative research with engineering
and neuroscience faculty at both the Neuromuscular Research Center and the
Neural Control of Movement Laboratory in Chicago (PI Daniel Corcos). Both
research laboratories specialize in motor control, biomechanics, motor
learning, modeling, neurorehabilitation, and reflex function.

Applicants should have a recent doctoral degree in biomedical engineering,
biomechanics, electrical or mechanical engineering, kinesiology,
neuroscience or a related discipline. A record of research in neuromuscular
systems, motor control, biomechanics, or neuroscience is preferred.
Laboratory experience with biomechanical measurements, electromyography, and
motion analysis is advantageous.

NeuroMuscular Research Center: http://nmrc.bu.edu
Human Motor Control Laboratory (Gerald Gottlieb):
Neural Control of Movement Laboratory (Dan Corcos): http://mcl.kines.uic.edu

Qualified candidates should forward their curriculum vitae and three
references to:
Gerald Gottlieb, Ph.D.
Neuromuscular Research Center
19 Deerfield St., 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02215

Jens Meyer, Dipl.-Ing.
Senior Research Engineer & Network Administrator
NeuroMuscular Research Center @ Boston University
19 Deerfield St., Boston, MA 02215, USA
Phone: 617-358-0727, Fax: 617-353-5737
Email: jenmeyer@bu.edu, Web: http://nmrc.bu.edu

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