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Robert Hopper
11-06-2003, 12:51 AM
The Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute (AORI) is seeking a full-time
employee to participate in ongoing research related to polyethylene wear
after total hip arthroplasty and three-dimensional imaging of
periprosthetic anatomy using computed tomography and magnetic resonance
imaging. The primary mission of AORI is to share its research findings
with the orthopaedic community, principally through peer-reviewed
publications and scientific meetings. The successful applicant will be
expected to conduct research projects and actively participate in
manuscript preparation. AORI employees are included as co-authors on all
work stemming from their research. Job responsibilities will entail
working closely with Dr. Charles Engh on a daily basis. Dr. Engh is an
orthopaedic surgeon who pioneered porous-coated implant fixation. Computer
proficiency is essential. An advanced degree (MS, PhD, or MD) and prior
experience with histological techniques, three-dimensional image analysis,
statistics, and/or joint replacement are desirable but not necessary. The
most essential prerequisites for this position are an outstanding work
ethic and the desire to learn new skills. This position might be ideal for
someone who has completed a bachelor or graduate degree and is looking for
clinically-relevant experience related to orthopaedic implant design and
performance evaluation. While relevant experience is desirable, AORI
regards itself as a teaching institute and will gladly provide on-the-job
training for capable individuals who are ambitious and self-motivated.

AORI is a non-profit research organization that was founded in 1972. The
Institute is based in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC,
and is world-renown for clinically-oriented research related to hip and
knee replacement. AORI maintains an internal database that tracks the
outcome of over 7500 total hip arthroplasty procedures and has a
post-mortem implant retrieval collection that includes over 100 specimens.
For more information about AORI, see our website (www.aori.org). If you
are willing to work in the Northern Virginia area, please submit a resume
with a cover letter. E-mail should be sent to rhopper@aori.org.
Alternately, applicant information can be faxed to (703) 799-5981 or sent
to AORI, Attn: Robert Hopper, P.O. Box 7088, Alexandria, VA 22307. This
position includes benefits and is available immediately.

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