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Converse Bio Lab
06-30-1993, 10:47 PM
Converse Inc, a leading maker of technical athletic footwear, is seeking an
individual to join the Biomechanics Lab Team as a part-time Research
Assistant. We are hoping to fill this position by no later than Aug 1,
1993. Applicants should posess the equivalent of a bachelors degree in
Exercise Science-Biomechanics or similar field.

Position will involve the execution of fit and wear test responsibilities,
and footwear related research projects. Job requirements also include
frequent interaction with athletes of varied background and
multi-departmental product development team members. Excellent
communication skills, and highly motivated, energetic, and resourceful
character traits are a must. Experience in the footwear industry a big

Send resume to following address (or FAX) by no later than 7/30/93.

Converse Biomechanics Lab attn Scott Betty
Research Assistant Program (508) 664-7318
One Fordham Rd (508) 664-8865 FAX
N. Reading MA 01864