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11-07-2003, 10:31 AM
Dear Biomch:

A couple of weeks ago I posted an inquiry about getting hold of
digital video clips suitable for classroom use -- short clips
(e..g, 15-60s) to insert into PowerPoint presentations, or stand alone.
I wanted to know if people had some to share, or had good ideas
of clips for biomechanics and motor control teaching. I received
replies from 21 different people, and carried on email dialog with
several. Most simply acknowledged the need for these and hoped to
have access to the final digital library. Several sent clips, and
others sent web page links to clips. One person noted that the
new Haywood and Getchell text (Motor Development, I assume) comes
with a CD with video clips. I thank all contibutors for their time
and effort.

In this summary I have listed the webpage links. I am surprised
I never came across these, even though I have searched the web
at various times using several different search engines. There must
be a lesson in that somewhere. I have not attached the individual
movie files because of file size constraints. I will, however, make
these available in some fashion next Spring. Sorry so late, but that
is when I have been given the release time from teaching to work
on the project. Because these were made freely available to me, I
will, of course, do the same. Hopefully, I will have a much larger
library to share, so please feel free to continue sending clips. I
would also ask the equipment manufacturers who advertise on
the BIOMCH-L yellow pages to considering "donating" video clips
of their products in action, free of copyright restrictions (non-
commercial use only, of course).

Again, I want to thank all who contributed. . . too many to name!

Here are the interesting video links and websites, but I have no
formal knowledge on the copyright status of any:
Just some cool graphics related to exercise and sport:

Gait (this will get the audience interested, especially the nervous,
light, happy, female):

Skill Technologies has a number of nice clips:

Sport injury videos (this is what I would like to do):

General physics/biomech GIF files:

Muscle spindle model:

Dynamic gait simulations / treadmill animations:

Walking wire frame and leg muscle activation:

(also, follow the links to Andy Ruina's page to check out the tinkertoy
and 'real' robots. My students love the walking tinkertoy -- inspiring!)


Animated runners:

Arial Dynamics (www.sportscience.org)? has a number of clips ranging from
classic biomechanics to news interviews.


Jeff Ives, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dept. Exercise & Sport Sciences Email: jives@ithaca.edu
Ithaca College Phone: 607-274-1751
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA Fax: 607-274-7055

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