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11-09-2003, 06:57 PM
Dear Richard,

1. there are sebveral tool that allow you to record in different video codices,
incl. mpeg2. We (www.spomedial.org) use the Ulead DVD Power Tools.

2. Do you like to use it for datastorage or for video storage?
Data storage from what I know, is not possible (and it would take a long time
to find the right datapoint, as it is a tape) - but of course you could send
videos from hard disk via firewire etc. back to tape (as videos mostly are the
only big files on a hard disk, this makes sense).

sincerely, stefan

> 1. In my limited experience with downloading digital video from a JVC 9500
> camcorder to a hard drive using firewire, the raw video files are huge,
> about 4 GB per minute of video. This means that a 60 minute miniDV tape
> can hold approximately 120 GB of raw video data. I noticed the hard
> drive-based Samsung camcorder mentioned in Matt's posting claims to be
> able to store one hour of MPEG4 video on a 1.5 GB hard drive (indicating
> an 80:1 compression ratio). From what I have read, MPEG4 is not very high
> quality video (similar to that recorded on a standard VHS tape). We
> should be striving for at least the quality of MPEG2 (similar to that
> stored on commercial DVDs using a much lower compression ratio). My
> question is: are there solutions that provide video to a hard drive or
> recordable DVD that is already compressed but of at least MPEG2 quality
> that we can use for biomechanics (e.g., without automatic shutoff,
> etc.)?
> 2. Given that a 60 minute miniDV tape can hold 120 GB of data (if I am
> correct here), does anyone know of a way to harness that capacity and use
> it as an inexpensive backup device for our increasingly large hard
> drives?

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