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11-10-2003, 03:27 AM
> For DV (Digital Video) you should be seeing a bandwidth of 3.6MB/sec or
> 220MB/minute at NTSC (30FPS) rates. I can't find any information on
> the JVC-9500 but we do not see 4GB/minute of video from our Sony
> VX-2000. Are you sure that you are transferring the video using DV
> (eg, Firewire) and not redigitiizing the video at a higher bandwidth?
> Your 4GB/minute would correspond to about 200Mbits/frame with MJPEG
> compression.

Just to add to these observations, DV is a video compression format for
digital video. Firewire video may arrive to your computer either
compressed (from any typical camcorder), or uncompressed (from certain
video capture boxes or specialized cameras).

With regard to the original question of recording a large amount of
video data in a lab setting, one could recommend recording directly
into the computer. This can facilitate automatic or human-assisted
filing of your data as you record it, and will avoid the necessity of
digitizing it afterward. If you choose a camera and digitizer which
are capable of streaming uncompressed digital video, you can choose any
suitable compression format in software. You do not need to use a
camcorder for this. Here is one good supplier of video cameras and
digitizers suitable for this type of application:


Backing up the data can be made a part of the regular computer file
backup procedure that you are already using.


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