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Andrews, Paul
11-11-2003, 03:04 AM
I have joined BIOMCH-L to find out more information about CAD applications
in dentistry.

J Morita manufactures the 3D-Accuitomo, which gives highly detailed
3-dimensional x-ray image slices of selected regions of the dental arch. The
machine is already being used successfully with several 3D dental software
programs such as Simplant (Materialise). I have a potential client who would
like to use this machine in designing and manufacturing dental prosthetics,
including implants and TMJ replacements, but he needs to import the
information in the IGES format to work with his CAD systems. Can anyone help
with information on how to reformat image files (i.e. Dicom, Bitmap, etc.)
into IGES type files that he can use?

Thank you.

Paul Andrews

Equipment Division

J Morita USA


1-800-831-3222 x 1046

1-949-466-3916 (cell)

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