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Andrew Boniface
11-13-2003, 03:56 PM
Hello, I am a sport and exercise science honours student and have the
following question about EMG filter settings:

I have recently conducted a surface EMG data collection from
participants performing isotonic and isometric contractions. I wanted to
collect from 7 muscles, and due to limitations, had to use 2 different
computer systems to do so. The first program used was Axoscope, where I
set the high and low pass filters to 30 and 600Hz, respectively. The
other program was Chart on an Apple Mac, where the filters were set from
10-2500Hz (2.5kHz). The next lowest low-pass filter option using Chart
was 400Hz. Because the literature states that signal frequencies from
most muscles exist between 10 and 500Hz, I didn't want to lose data
between 400-500Hz using this system. Does this large low-pass filter
level (2.5kHz) mean that a lot of noise will be present? Is this data
reliable, and if I am to analyse it for significant results, will any
results I obtain be seen as reliable and respected within
electromyographic circles? Should future work with this program focus on
using a 400Hz low-pass filter setting instead?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Boniface

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