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Thomas Seeholzer
11-16-2003, 10:47 AM
Dear list

I tried to summarize some important facts on video, DV, compression, cable
length, synchronization etc.
After some time I realized that this will become quite long and it will
(hopefully) encourage further postings from the community.
So I decided to put this file to the "How to..." section of the new ISB
web-based forum.

Please read here:

I would be pleased to read your comments.


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> I sincerely appreciate everyone's contribution on this topic, but I
> wonder if we might try to solicit the advice of some commercial groups
> who rely on DV for their motion measurement products. Included in this
> might be technicians from Peak Performance, Dartfish, Simi, etc. If
> these groups would be interested in responding with the professional
> experience and advice, while keeping advertisements out of the
> discussion, it might benefit the group.
> Peter
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