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Michel Ladouceur
11-18-2003, 12:43 AM
Dear colleagues:

Please post and distribute

The Motor Control/Biomechanics Laboratories of The
University of Iowa Department of Exercise Science are
seeking qualified candidates interested in pursing a PhD
degree starting in September 2004. There is a broad
possibility of research topics involving control and
rehabilitation of prehension, reaching and walking.
Accepted students can work within the Motor Control
Laboratories (Dr. Kelly Cole, Dr. Warren Darling or Dr.
Michel Ladouceur). The Department and University offer a
vibrant research atmosphere including journal clubs,
research seminars and opportunities for collaborative

The departmental laboratories are well equipped for gait
and motion analysis (Ascension Technologies Minibird
system, Optotrack), dynamometry (Bertec Force Plate,
ATI and JR3 3D load cells), electromyography (Delsys,
Bortec 8 channels, custom systems), peripheral nerve
stimulation (Grass, BAK , Digitimer DS7A & DS7AH HV
Constant Current Stimulator) and cortical stimulation (Bi-
stim system from Magstim, Digitimer D185 Transcranial
Electrical MultiPulse Stimulator) and EEG recording (32
channels Biosemi system).

For additional information and application procedures
please visit
Students accepted into the program receive graduate
assistantships and scholarships to cover living and tuition

Thank you for your attention.

Kelly Cole, PhD
Warren Darling, PhD
Michel Ladouceur, PhD
Michel Ladouceur, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Exercise Science, University of Iowa
406 Field House
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1111

Tel: 319.335.8271 Fax: 319.335.6966
E-mail: michel-ladouceur@uiowa.edu

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