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Ekin Akalan
11-19-2003, 06:23 PM
Hi there:
I am a physical therapist and a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering
Institute of
Bogazici University in Turkey. I am also the advisor of Motion Analysis
Lab. in Istanbul
Medical University.

I read many article about the SIMM software.

I am looking for a tool to develop lower body model that I can
simulate patients ' walk
after orthopedic surgery. But I would like to change the hill based
muscle model that is
used in SIMM software and add some other links and joints on it. Does
anyone know that the
SIMM model can be changed as I mentioned above? If we decide to get
SIMM software can we
change the muscle model or add some new links like vertebrates,
subtalar joints etc?

I sent the same e-mail to Professor Delp but he could not reply me. I
am sure he is so
busy. I thought that might be some one else tried to change the SIMM as
I want or already
did it.

If it is not possible can you suggest me any tool like ADAMS, Matlab
etc. that I can
create the musculoskeletal model. I am not very familiar to use any
tool to create a
musculoskeletal model. I will try to learn how to use to my purposes
detaily according to
your suggestions.

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Ekin Akalan Phd Student

Advisor of Istanbul Medical University
Motion Analysis Lab
Phone: 011 90 212 414 20 66 / 32887
Istanbul Turkey

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