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11-20-2003, 03:44 AM
I would like to respond to Justin Case's listing regarding Bertec force plates.

Bertec makes every effort to keep prices competitive. Our two patent-pending innovations have helped us not only to develop electronics better than the industry standard, but also to reduce our cost. Whenever we can, we would like to pass on savings to our customers.

As biomechanics product manufacturers do not publish their prices, we do not have any way of knowing prices of other systems -- other than an occasional customer telling us how we compare. It is unfortunate that Justin Case chose to write anonymously. I do not believe that we have given him prices, and I cannot comment on the reliability of his information. I am sure, however, that Justin's intensions were honorable, and only reflect a natural desire to learn more about how the different systems compare. Nevertheless, the listserver should not publish comments anonymously, which may be interpreted as looking for negative publicity. Similarly, those who comment on a product, whether praise or criticize, should not do so anonymously so that their comments can be taken as credible.

Bertec remains committed to the quality of their products and providing excellent service to their customers. I am sure, comments from those who have actual experience with Bertec products would prove this to be correct.



Necip (Neb) Berme, Ph.D.
Bertec Corporation
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Columbus OH 43229, U.S.A.

Phone: +1 614 430-5421 Ext 225
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