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Miguel Tito
11-20-2003, 09:45 PM
Hello all biomchrs,

I am conducting a research about healthy elderly people and how their
characteristics and abilities evolve naturally with age. I have obtained
plenty of data for each individual ability (e.g. visual acuity, hand
steadiness, anthropometry...) and come across some studies that compared
the evolution of similar variables, previously normalized (e.g. physical
variables, psychomotor variables...). Sadly, the biggest goal of my
research remains to be answered?:

How is the user-product interaction affected by the deterioration of
each user characteristic/ability?

Or, in other words: Is a worsening visual acuity more detrimental than
a worsening balance? Does a smaller range of movement of joints affect
the use of a product more than being able to exert less force? Which of
those should be taken into account first and foremost when designing for
the elderly?

If you have any reference of literature where I could find such
information, please let me know. I shall post a summary with the


Miguel Tito Malone

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Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

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