View Full Version : Source for Anthropometric Dummy?

11-21-2003, 01:54 PM
We are currently conducting a study of dependent transfers of persons with disabilities and would like to use an anthropometric dummy to simulate the transferee. We are looking for dummies in two sizes: 50th percentile male and 5th percentile female. We have located a general purpose dummy with the properties of a 50th percentile male through First Technology Safety Systems, but are having trouble locating a 5th percentile female dummy. We are aware that crash test dummies are available in the needed size, but have been advised that the joints of those dummies are too stiff for our purposes. If you should know of a possible source or option, we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know.

Mike Pavol, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Exercise & Sport Science
Oregon State University
202 Women's Building, Corvallis OR 97331
(541) 737-5928

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