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12-02-2003, 01:31 AM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers

Due to a recent fire at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland,
the Department of Applied Physiology (formerly the Scottish School of Sport
Studies) has just recently lost its entire biomechanics laboratory. In the
near future we should be replacing all our previously owned equipment. We
will have a complete blank canvas, and advice (independent and
supplier-biased) would be much appreciated associated with acquiring:

1. a 3d Motion Analysis System
2. a force platform
3. an isometric, isokinetic and isotonic dynamometer
4. an 16 channel EMG acquisition system

It is hoped that all new equipment could be modular and integrable, i.e. all
measurements on the equipment could be time-synchronised and subsequent
upgrading could be done on an item by item basis without changing the
efficacy and functionality of the whole suite, despite items coming from
different manufacturers.

The general question is: if you could start again buying the above 4 pieces
of equipment, what would you choose? In addition to general gait analysis,
we wish any equipment to be versatile to perform a wide variety of
biomechanical assessments, so versatility is key to our requirements.

In addition, we have certain specific requirements of the motion analysis

1. We would like the system to be easily portable to be used inside and
out with the laboratory.
2. It must be 3d.
3. To be able to be operated at a relatively high speed (240Hz or
greater) when required.
4. An ability to synchronise kinematic data with analogue and digital
5. A facility to write code (matlab, preferably) to interface with the
software to enable user-specific post-processing.

We previously owned a Kistler multi-component force plate and KinCom
dynamometer, both of which worked well to our requirements.

If you would like to offer independent advice, please email me:
philip.riches@strath.ac.uk, and I will be happy to put a summary of
responses back to this forum. Please indicate if you wish to be included in
the summary or not.

If you are a manufacturer of any of the above equipment, please contact
colin.wilson@strath.ac.uk for further information. Colin would like to speak
to suppliers of such equipment so that we can get exact specifications and
subsequently estimates.

We thank you in advance for any advice

Dr Philip Riches

Dr Andrea Macaluso

Dr Giuseppe de Vito

Department of Applied Physiology

76 Southbrae Drive


G13 1PP


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