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12-03-2003, 02:06 AM
Dear all:

I am a graduate student in Taiwan. Recently, my lab
brought Vicon system and it's calculating
software--bodybuilder. After some trying and practice,
I got some questions. The details about my questions
were as below.

1. Is there anyone ever using bodybuilder to analyze
throwing or pitching? In the bodybuilder, euler angle
was used to calculate joint angle, but wrist angle
(containing palmar/dorsi flexion, ulnar/radial
flexion) elbow angle (containing extension/flexion,
pronation/supination), shoulder angle (containing
horizontal abd/add, abd/add, internal/external
rotation) and trunk angle (containing trunk rotation)
were so complicated that I got some trouble to write
the mod file mp file and mkr file.

2. I couldn't find any explanation to interpret the
theorem in which vicon used to calculate kinetic
parameter. The manuals merely told me you can read
related textbook to find more details about kinetic
formula. Does anyone can tell me more details or
reference and let me understand clearly about the way
bodybuilder used to calculate kinetic data?

3. To calculate euler angle, floating and fixed angle
were used. Although the manual of builder list some
interpretations, I can't comprehend them very clearly.
Does anyone can tell me more details or reference
about this questoin?


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