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12-05-2003, 06:39 AM
The LIDO isokinetic machine is serviced by the Chattanooga Group
). Their address is 4717 Adams Road, Hixson, TN 37343, USA. They provide
the following telephone numbers:
In US: 1-800-592-7329
In US: 1-423-870-2281
Outside US: 423-870-7200
In Canada: 800-361-6661
The technician, Don, at Chattanooga Group was able to diagnose and repair
our problem over the phone!

In the southern California area, Complete System Diagnostics
(http://www.csd-ultrasound.com/ ) at (800)
722-4273 provides on-site repair and maintenance of LIDO isokinetic

My thanks to those who replied: Jeff Houck, Jody Jensen, Brian Fay, and
especially, Tim Wrigley. Tim provided the following information that may be
helpful to all who own a LIDO machine or desire to purchase an isokinetic

The main players at Loredan were Malcolm Bond and Stephen Westing. I don't
know what happened to either of them. Bond's original patent for the Lido is
http://www.delphion.com/details?pn10=US04601468 It has some technical
detail, but probably out of date. Medline doesn't show up any publications
for Stephen Westing after the early 1990's, after he finished his PhD at
Karolinska and then moved to Loredan.

This company sells second-hand dynamometers, including Lidos:


This company looks after Kincom spare parts and service (since Kincom was
sold to Biodex and shelved):

This company sells reconditioned Cybex's, Biodex's, and Kincoms (but not
Lidos ?) and sells software for Cybex's too:

I left this company off my list of possible leads:
They sell reconditioned Lidos,
Kincoms, Cybex's and Biodex's.



Michael E. Feltner, Ph.D, FACSM
Dept. of Sports Medicine
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA 90263 USA
VOICE: (310) 506-4312
FAX: (310) 506-4785

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