View Full Version : PhD Scholarship: Rowing Simulation

Richard Smith
12-07-2003, 12:37 PM
Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) on Rowing Simulation

This scholarship is funded by an ARC Linkage-Projects grant and will
provide support for 3 years on a full-time basis for a research project
leading to a PhD. The research undertaken will produce a "specification" of
on-water rowing by characterising the magnitude and timing of the forces
and moments experienced on-water. Simulator rowing will be
computer-modelled. Rowing simulator agreement with this specification will
be tested and modifications suggested for their improvement. The simulator
will be modified and retested. The potential for injury using the simulator
will also be assessed.

Applicants should have an Honours 1 or 2A degree in biomechanics or related
discipline. Experience/background in biomechanical testing and/or computer
modelling would be an advantage. Applicants must be Australian citizens,
Australian permanent residents or New Zealand citizens. The scholarship
stipend is $23,294 in 2003 (tax exempt).

For further information, contact
A/Professor Richard Smith
(Phone: +612 9351 9462; Fax: +612 9351 9204
E-mail: r.smith@fhs.usyd.edu.au).

Applications, including a curriculum vitae, academic record, proof of
citizenship or permanent residency, the names and contact details of at
least two referees should be sent to A/Professor Richard Smith, School of
Exercise and Sport Science, The University of Sydney NSW 2006. Closing
Date: 23 December, 2003.

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