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Peter Augat (abteilung Unfallchirurgische Forschung Undbiomechanik, Universitaet
12-09-2003, 05:37 PM
First Announcement for the Workshop:

************************************************** ************************
Numerical Models of Bone Adaptation and Repair
************************************************** ************************

The workshop will be held from July 11 to July 13, 2004
on the Reisensburg Castle in Ulm, Germany.

Numerical models of biological systems provide potentially powerful tools to
our understanding of underlying processes. However, they need to account
for those aspects which thought to be the most critical for these processes.
A systematically evaluated and confirmed numerical model may also assists
us in describing and predicting the outcome of the biological process
under modified circumstances.

The intention of the workshop is to bring together specialists in the
area of bone adaptation and repair in order to increase the understanding
of the principles of these processes and to improve computational models
which try to simulate these processes.

The workshop will include keynote speeches, free presentations and
discussion. Keynote speeches will provide representative overviews on
the topic and lay the ground for the breakout-sessions. Abstract submissions
are invited for the presentation of newest results.

Additional information is available on our web site

Peter Augat, Ph.D.
Institute of Orthopaedic Research and Biomechanics
University of Ulm
Helmholtzstrasse 14
89081 Ulm, Germany
Tel.: 49-731-5002-3496 Fax: 49-731-5002-3498
E-Mail: peter.augat@medizin.uni-ulm.de

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