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12-14-2003, 08:15 PM
Sorry for cross-posting

This is to announce the creation of a comments newsletter on topics
relevant for biomechanics that will be distributed electronically as
a so-called Weblog.

As you may know I always been interested into the impact the Internet
has on research. I always supported BIOMCH-L (thank you, HW) and
more recently I started to work toward the creation of a true virtual
community, the Biomechanics European Lab:

Recently I came across weblogs. These are services where you can
create your own diary, on which you post articles. All interested
parties can read them as a web page, and can add their comments to
each article, which are displayed along side the main posting.

The first reason for creating this biomechanics weblog is that I want
experiment alternative approaches to community discussion. Mailing
lists and discussion forums are 'push' instruments, that push the
information on your desk, no matter if you want it or not. There is
no control, you can either subscribe to the whole content, or
unsubscribe, but nothing in between. However, every discussion thread
on BIOMCH-L, with a few notable exceptions, involves only a few
members, and interests only a few others. Thus, the true
signal-to-noise ratio of such a list, although perfectly moderated,
is becoming poorer as the list is growing bigger. In principle, by
combining lists with weblogs we can modulate this problem. I can
send to the list only the title of the articles posted on the weblog;
if you are interested you follow the link and start to discuss the
article, or read the discussion thread so far.

Thus, the Biomechanics Weblog will be a place where we experiment
with new forms of collaboration, and where sometime controversial
opinions will be expressed. If it sounds interesting, please join
us. If the game gears in I shall periodically post on BIOMCH-L the
title of the new articles.


Marco Viceconti

MARCO VICECONTI, PhD (viceconti@tecno.ior.it)
Laboratorio di Tecnologia Medica tel. 39-051-6366865
Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli fax. 39-051-6366863
via di barbiano 1/10, 40136 - Bologna, Italy

Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright in the forest of the night,
what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?
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