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12-15-2003, 03:42 AM
Dear all,

Thanks for all the comments and advices in response to my previous inquiry.
It turned out that many people had the same question, and they wanted to
know what statistics software is available that allows repeated measures
ANOVA's with nice graphing functions. A lot of packages have been
recommended, and I think I will check out Minitab, Prism and Statistica
first. Again, I appreciate everyone who responded to my inquiry.

Minitab - very useful for engineering applications

NCSS - www.ncss.com

GBS - "it did a decent job for repeated measures anova and provided a graph
that you could copy and paste in a graphic editor and modify as vectorial
object quite easily."

Stata - www.stata.com


GraphPad Prism - "All the statistical tests can be done, and it
automatically generates graphs with error bars that are fully modifiable in
every way."

Analyse-it - a software add-in for Excel

BMDP - "I use the BMDP statistical package Biomedical program for all my
repeated statistical designs."



DataDesk - although it does not make publication quality plots

Sigmastat and Sigmaplot - http://www.hearne.com.au

S-plus - http://www.insightful.com/products/splus/default.asp

Statistica by SoftStat - "It allows simple repeated measures as well as
complex nested designs (under their general linear model tab).
Additionally, the post hoc testing of various main effects and interactions
is simple to use. It can make instant graphs for you which you can then
easily edit to change scaling, error bars, or whatever you need to adjust."


Jinsung Wang, Ph.D.
Movement Neuroscience Lab
Department of Kinesiology
The Penn State University
266 Rec Hall
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-7937

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