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Richard Smith
12-21-2003, 02:49 PM
Chair in Sport and Exercise Science A543-03L
Institute of Food, Nutrition & Human Health, College of Sciences


We are seeking to appoint a Chair in Sport and Exercise Science involving
leadership in both the discipline area and management of staff from various
disciplines in a developing Centre for Sport and Exercise.
Location Palmerston North
Term of Contract Permanent
Salary Range View Academic Salary
Closing Date 1 March
Position Overview Applications are invited for the position of Chair in
Sport and Exercise Science at Massey University in Palmerston North.

The position will involve leading academic staff teaching and researching
in sport and exercise within the College of Sciences and working
collaboratively with academic staff teaching in sport and exercise and
their line-managers in other Colleges and on other campuses. This
leadership role is an important part of the position and will be a feature
of criteria to be considered.

The Chair will be located within the College of Sciences. You should have
doctoral qualifications and relevant experience within an appropriate field
of applied science, with a special interest in one or more of sport
performance, health and/or ageing.

You must have the personal and professional characteristics to be able to
develop, lead and manage high quality teaching, research and consultancy
programmes in sport and exercise and manage the interface between tertiary
education and the broader context of professional and community needs.

Further information can be obtained from either Professor Robert Anderson,
PVC College of Sciences (email R.D.Anderson@massey.ac.nz), or Profesor Gary
Hermansson, Interim Head of Sport and Exercise Programmes (email
G.L.Hermansson@massey.ac.nz). Or see http://sport.massey.ac.nz
Job Description
Purpose Statement o provide leadership in teaching, research and consultancy:
within the College of Sciences relevant to his or her own field of academic
expertise; and
within a developing ‘Centre for Sport & Exercise’ incorporating staff from
various Colleges involved in sport and exercise teaching, research and
consultancy activities.

o ensure that sport and exercise academic programmes at Massey University
are recognised as being of the highest quality, nationally and

o liaise effectively with key personnel and relevant bodies within the
University to ensure the development and delivery of quality sport and
exercise programmes.

o liaise effectively with personnel in relevant sport and exercise
organizations in New Zealand so as to identify and best meet needs for
tertiary qualifications, research, and consultancy services
Responsible To The Head of the Institute of Food, Nutrition & Human Health.

For ‘Centre’ responsibilities, the Chair will make regular reports to the
Board of Management for Sport and Exercise Programmes.
Key Accountability Areas Key Relationships:
Pro Vice-Chancellors of the various Colleges
Heads of Academic Units (Departments/Institutes/Schools) in those Colleges
Academic Directors of the Colleges; Director, University Graduate Research
Deputy Vice-Chancellors of the various campuses
Academic and research staff of other educational and research institutions
hose with leadership roles in sport and exercise organizations within New

Leadership & Development

The appointee will:
rovide strong leadership in sport and exercise science, embracing a
perspective that is both multidisciplinary - with input into the exercise
and sport programmes from several Colleges – and multi-campus – the main
focus of exercise and sport development will be Palmerston North, but
Albany and Wellington campuses must be integral to planning and delivery;

oster strong and effective working relationships with key stakeholders in
sport and exercise within New Zealand – for example, the NZ Rugby Union
(with which Massey has a significant relationship built around the
Institute of Rugby), relevant National Sporting Organisations, SPARC (Sport
and Recreation New Zealand).

nsure that Massey’s sport and exercise programmes, have the highest
reputation for excellence both nationally (including within the
institution) and internationally.

Research & Consultancy

The appointee will:
isplay a clear commitment to undertaking and fostering research and the
dissemination of knowledge acquired through research activities;
acilitate access to and realisation of research opportunities for staff
involved in teaching sport and exercise;
ncourage staff to publish and disseminate findings in appropriate forums;
oster attention to and assist with the acquisition of research grant funds;
ork towards the establishment of a Centre for Research Excellence in Sport
and Exercise at Massey;
evelop and foster relationships with stakeholders having research needs;
ndertake his/her own research work relevant to their area of expertise, and
in collaboration with other staff where appropriate.


The appointee will:
ontribute to the teaching and development of undergraduate and postgraduate
programmes in various modalities so as to best meet the needs of existing
and potential users;
ncourage and mentor students in their pursuit of higher learning and
supervise postgraduate research.


The appointee will:
oordinate the development and delivery of the generic academic programmes
in sport, including addressing such matters as academic decision-making
processes and procedures, marketing, enrolments, assessments, etc.;
anage the allocation of Massey ‘available access’ time in the Institute of
Rugby to maximise the benefit to Massey University.
anage an operational budget relevant to the generic sport programme
offerings and staff;
ndertake personal review and planning processes with staff in sport and
exercise within the College of Sciences at Palmerston and collaborate with
other line managers regarding associated staff teaching in sport and
exercise programmes;
ssist in the establishment and functioning of an appropriate organisational
entity (a ‘Centre for Sport & Exercise’) that will be most functional for
the multi-College/multi-Campus nature of sport and exercise programmes at
versee the function and operations of the Human Performance Laboratory.
anage the interface between Massey University, the Institute of Rugby and
the New Zealand Rugby Union.


The appointee will:
articipate in the collegial life and functions of the University;
bserve the principles of professional conduct and service towards students,
academic and allied staff colleagues and the general public;
upport the University’s policies and mechanisms for continuous quality
dhere to the rules and regulations of the University;
omply with the University’s obligations under its Charter regarding equal
employment and the Treaty of Waitangi.

Person Specification
Qualifications The appointee will have:
doctorate in a relevant field of applied sciences;
elevant sport science experience and, if appropriate, sport science
accreditation in their discipline area (or the potential to obtain it).
Experience The appointee will have:
emonstrated evidence of collaborative work in the multidisciplinary domains
of sport and exercise;
emonstrated leadership skills with staff and potential for senior academic
leadership within a tertiary institution;
ade a significant contribution to the state of knowledge in their discipline;
emonstrated involvement in the applied aspects of sport, including formed
relationships with key personnel from sporting bodies and organizations
Attributes and Skills Personal:
The appointee will be:
leader with vision and the ability to communicate this - and to gain
collaborative support in its enactment;
ensitive and tolerant of others’ views – including cultural sensitivity;
n enthusiast who brings out the best in colleagues and students;
good relationship builder, able to deal with a diversity of people;
n excellent communicator, both in oral and written contexts;
person with good judgement, discernment and wisdom, and the ability to
develop and enact vision in a constructive and non-threatening way;
omeone with high personal ethical standards.

The appointee will have:
cademic and professional credibility, with a reputation of achievement in a
relevant field of applied science;
strong research background with the capacity to inspire a dedication and
enthusiasm for research amongst staff and students;
eadership ability in both an academic sense and a managerial sense – able
to motivate and organise a diverse group of people;
xcellent teaching skills – with the ability to enlighten and inspire.

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