View Full Version : IVth EMED USER GROUP MEETING , 1994 in Ulm, Germany

Dieter Rosenbaum
07-20-1993, 12:31 AM
First Announcement


June 30 - Juny 2, 1994

Dept. Unfallchirurgische Forschung und Biomechanik,
Universitdt Ulm, Germany

Oral presentations, poster sessions and workshops concerned with the
following topics will be held during the two-day scientific program:

- pressure dirstribution measurements in sitting and reclining
- clinical applications of pressure distribution measurements
in gait analysis
- pressure distribution measurements in sports biomechanics
- shoe construction/orthotics design with the help of in-shoe measurements
- unusual application.

For the best paper in pressure distribution measurements the NOVEL-AWARD
will be presented at this meeting fort the second time. Applications will
be reviewed by an international jury of specialists in the field of
medicine and biomechanics.

- first prize: 10,000 DM
- second prize: 3,000 DM
- third prize: 1,000 DM.

A second announcement and call for papers with more specific information
on deadlines and author`s instructions will follow in the fall.

For further information please contact:

D. Rosenbaum, H.P. Becker
Abteilung Unfallchirurgische Forschung und Biomechanik
Universitdt Ulm
Helmholtzstr. 14
D-89072 ULM

Phone: ( ) 731-502 3492 or 3481
Fax: ( ) 731-502 3498
e-mail: diro@sirius.medizin.uni-ulm.de


novel G.m.b.H.
Beichstr. 8
D-80802 M\NCHEN 40