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Jennifer J Jeansonne
12-27-2003, 08:23 AM
I am an assistant professor in Motor behavior/biomechanics and a member of
this listserve, however, at this time I am not looking for research related
information, but surgeon references to help a friend. A family of four was
a major car accident and the two younger sons (in their 20's) were injured
worst and both will need orthopaedic surgery.

One of the boys had severe damage to his foot (I've been told he pulverized
the bottom of his foot) and so I am looking for any references or
of foot surgeons that have experience in this and will aid his chance in
walking again. He is also in a halo and they are currently trying to
him. The hospital said they will life-flight him back to Austin or
the family needs for his surgery.

The other son had damage to his ankle, but not as bad.

The family is currently in Pueblo, NM, but they live in Austin, TX.
Thank you for any suggestions you have. I know many people are on vacation
this time and so it has been difficult to contact surgeons.

thank you again,

Jennifer J. Jeansonne
Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies
SLU Box 10845
Hammond, LA 70402
985-549-5119 (fax)

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