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Ekin Akalan
01-02-2004, 08:24 PM
I am preparing progression report about my PhD thesis which is about creating a musculoskeletal model of human lower body. I decided to use ADAMS software to create the model. I can easily create parts, links, joints, functions in it. The problems is I am at the stage of using real CT scanned, volume rendered bones instead of parts that are provided by regular ADAMS tool. Do you know anywhere that I can find the lower extremity bone files( includes vertebrates) which is rendered to use it in ADAMS? I checked the suitable file formats for ADAMS to import the data. Then I figure .DXF, .IGES,. DAC, xmt_txt, STEP, DWG,.obj, .stl, .slp, .shl extensions is appropriate for import.
The other problem, I do not have linux, unix systems in the lab. I installed ADAMS in windows XP. Some of the bone data sets that I found from internet has opened, I guess, only in linux or irix (file with .unit, .asc extension) that I can not use it. Can you help me to find volume and surface rendered (for normal people) lower extremity bone data sets which can be used in ADAMS please? If I do not mannage that I will go for obtaining slices and do edge detection, mesh setting and volume rendering in Matlab. for every bone includes vertebrates that cost me alot of time. If some body have already done that I will go further.

I am looking forward hearing from you
Ekin Akalan MS PT & PhD student
Director of Istanbul Medical University
Gait Analysis Laboratory

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