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Zeynep Erim
01-08-2004, 08:46 AM
Summer research intern positions are available for junior and senior
undergraduate and junior graduate students to work on Neural Engineering
projects at the Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering Departments at
Northwestern University and the Sensory Motor Performance Program at the
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

These internships are supported by funds from a Special Opportunity Award
from the Whitaker Foundation, a Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
grant from NIDRR and a training grant from NIH. The stipend is $3500 for
10 weeks.

Detailed information about the internship program can be found at
http://sulu.smpp.northwestern.edu/jobs/SINE.htm. This site is intended to
help applicants identify research advisors and projects of interest, as
well as provide details of the application process.

Application deadline is March 12, 2004. Applicants will be informed of the
decision by April 2, 2004. Applicants will be required to have identified
a research advisor and established a research plan. Direct questions and
applications (prepared as specified at
http://sulu.smpp.northwestern.edu/jobs/SINE.htm) to Zeynep
Erim, z-erim@northwestern.edu.

__________________________________________________ __
Zeynep Erim, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago,
Research Associate Professor
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Northwestern University
345 East Superior Street Suite 1406
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Office Phone (312) 238-1477
Fax (312) 238-2208

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