View Full Version : 2nd World Congress of Biomechanics

Roger Enoka (univ Arizona/tucson/usa)
07-24-1993, 09:26 AM
As many of you are probably aware, the 2nd World Congress is
being organized for July 1-15, 1994 to be held in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands. The Congress Chair is Rik Huiskes, University of
Nijmegen. I attended the 1st World Congress that was held in San
Diego in 1990. The highlight of the 1st Congress were the many
sessions on motor control that were organized by Jack Winters.
Because of the success of these sessions, Daniel Kernell (University
of Amsterdam) and I are interested in coordinating similar sessions
for the 2nd World Congress. To achieve this goal, I am inviting you
to contact me with suggestions of topics and speakers who might
contribute to symposia on motor control as it relates to biomechanics.
The catch, however, is that there are no funds that can be used to
support invited speakers. Rather, we will attempt to develop one or
more symposia based on local scientists, of whom there are many, and
other scientists who plan on attending the meeting anyway and would
be interested in participating in the motor control sessions.
Suggestions on topics and speakers in the area of motor
control should be sent to me at "enoka@ccit.arizona.edu" until August
1, 1993. After that date, I will be moving to Cleveland and I can
be contacted at "enoka@bme.ri.ccf.org". I look forward to your

Roger Enoka