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01-21-2004, 03:21 PM
For "early" work on this topic see the early papers by Apostolos
Georgopoulos et al. He had at least 2 covers on the journal Science. The
first was "Neuronal population coding of movement direction", Georgopoulos
et al, Science 233:4771, 1986. See also "Motor activity in a context recall
task", Science 269:5224, 1995. His work on neural encoding of movement
direction vectors, mental rotations in space, etc., by ensemble averages of
motor cortex neurons defined a new path, since followed by many, for this
kind of research.

Bill Rose

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From: "Panagiotis Artemiadis"
Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Neuro-questions

Dear Sirs,

I am a PhD Candidate at the Control System Laboratory of the Mechanical
Department, National Technical University of Athens. I am doing a research
deals with robotics and neuroscience.

I would like to have some answers at the follwing topics :

1) Is it possible to have a mapping of brain areas regarding the desired
movement? That is, is it
possible to record signals from brain areas, and to translate them to the
stimulation of a muscle?
How exact are these signals? How can we acquire these signals? Invasive or
non-invasive methods
of interfacing? For example, with an electrode at a specific area of primary
motor cortex, can we
detect the movement of a finger? Or the stimulation of the biceps muscle?

2) Are these signals transfered through neurons' axons to the relevant
muscle? I mean, if we can not
record these signals from the primary motor cortex, are we able of acquiring
these signals from
the Peripheral Nervous System? How this can be done? Is the sEMG a possible

3) Can we detect (by processing or not) some characteristics of motion into
these signals? For
example, is a characteristic of a signal depicts the torque or velocity of
the movement of the arm?

4) Can an EEG prove usefull to the above mentioned signal-to-movement
translation? What other
methods exist?

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply


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