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01-27-2004, 01:03 PM
Dear Members:

I would like to get information or references on
procedures for determining segment mass, center of
mass, principal moment of inertia, and joint centers
from a marker set. I am currently using the
based on the text "Dynamics of Human Gait, 2nd Ed"
(K. Vaughan et. al) for obtaining these parameters
for the lower extremity. Unfortunately, given
a marker set such as Helen Hayes, I have not been able
to find a single source that provides the regression
equation that are applicable for calculating body
segment parameters and joint centers for segments
above the pelvis.

I would appreciate your help,

Thank you,
Behzad Dariush
Honda Research Institute, USA
800 California St. Suite 300
Mountain View CA 94041


C. Vaughan , B. Davis, J. O'connor,
Dynamics of Human Gait, 2nd Ed.

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