View Full Version : 3-D joint power: New biomechanics?

01-28-2004, 09:00 AM
Dear all:

Among the topics of discussion on 3-D joint power, the following statement is being discussed:

"However what I call the "New Biomechanics" (as reviewed in the two Gait

>and Posture articles I cited in yesterday's e-mail) makes it clear that

>the power considered as being generated in a muscle (muscle power) or
>at a joint (joint power) can change the energy of any segment
>(depending on the characteristics of the whole biomechanical system)
>not just the segments proximal and distal to the joint."

The idea is correct but trivial. Sure, the work performed in one joint can change the mechanical energy of several segments. For instance, if a standing person performs shoulder flexion potential energy of the entire arm, including the forearm and the hand, increases. Is this not evident? Why should we call it "new biomechanics"? Come on.


Vladimir Zatsiorsky, Ph.D.

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