View Full Version : Request for trunk kinematics in throwing reference

01-28-2004, 01:44 PM
A strange request to be sure:

Some time late last year, I remember reading an abstract relating to
trunk and pelvic rotation parameters (in the transverse plane) as they
relate to throwing performance. The concept is similar to the so called
“X-factor” (1) that golfers discuss.

I am however unable for the life of me to find the reference or where I
saw it. I certainly would appreciate any help in this regard, and if I
find it, of course I will make it available to the group.

Thanks in advance,

Rod Whiteley, PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

(1) McTeigue, M., Lamb, S. R., Mottram, R., & Pirozzolo, F. (1994).
Spine and hip motion analysis during the golf swing. IN A. J. Cochran, &
M. R. Farrally, (Eds.), Science and Golf II: Proceedings of World
Scientific Congress of Golf. 50-58.

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