View Full Version : Measurement of Tension in Hamstring Tendons

Ger Reilly
02-02-2004, 02:06 AM
Dear All

I would be grateful for any assistance you might be able to give on systems
or techniques you may have used or heard of being used for measurement of
tension in tendons. We are conducting some research in exercise and
recuperation regimes and we wish to monitor hamstring tension in various

The preferred solution would be non invasive as a starting point it could be
mechanical like force transducer, maybe with or possibly surface
transducers, or suggestions maybe using electrical myography or such like.

Many Thanks

Ger Reilly
Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Technology, Sligo

ph: +353719155240
fax: +353719155390
email: reilly.ger@itsligo.ie

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