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Jim Martin
02-02-2004, 08:42 AM
Hello All:

Like many of you, I teach an undergraduate biomechanics course that is
generally considered to be the most difficult in our department. Despite
that difficulty, my student evaluations are generally positive. Even so, I
wish that I had a more objective measure of my teaching performance.

Those of you who teach undergraduate biomechanics courses: What would you
think about establishing standardized exit exams for undergraduate
biomechanics courses? My initial thought is to have one exam for courses
with a physics pre requisite and another for courses without. They could be
given as the final exam. We could write standard exams or create a bank of
questions from which to make up exams (like those offered with some text
books). If we, the biomechanics community, were to establish such a set of
exams, we would have an objective measure of our performance to take to our
tenure and promotion committee (my pass rate is xx% which compares well
with the ISB average of xx%). Also, the students might receive some sort of
certificate (level one or level two depending on prerequisites) if they
pass. Of course, the material presented in the class could go well beyond
that required to pass the exit exam but the exit exam would show a basic
level of competency.

Please share any thoughts or reactions to this idea and I will post a
summary next week.


Jim Martin

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