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Young-Hui Chang
Georgia Institute of Technology


Filardi, S., R. M. D. Zebaze, et al. (2004). "Femoral neck fragility in
women has its structural and biomechanical basis established by periosteal
modeling during growth and endocortical remodeling during aging."
Osteoporosis International 15(2): 103-107.


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displacement axis accuracy and repeatability for joint kinematic description
using an electromagnetic tracking device." Journal of Biomechanics 37(1):


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muscle relative position: isolated effects." Journal of Biomechanics 37(1):

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between a single muscle head and adjacent tissues: length effects of head
III of rat EDL." Journal of Applied Physiology 95(5): 2004-2013.


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implementation of a 3-D non-linear viscoelastic constitutive model for brain
tissue during impact." Journal of Biomechanics 37(1): 127-134.

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