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Marion Trew
02-05-2004, 08:48 PM
Biomechanics post available at the University of Brighton

Based at the School of Health Professions in Eastbourne, UK

Principal Research Fellow/Professor in Human Movement Sciences

up to 40,394 (pay award pending)

This post provides the opportunity for a person who combines personal
research capability with experience of research leadership and management
qualities to make an important contribution and to work with an extensive
research team of Allied Health Professions staff. In this vital new role you
will develop your own research and contribute to the increasing national and
international profile of the Clinical Research Centre in the field of Human
Movement and Functional and Structural Analysis. You should have extensive
understanding of the current issues, and knowledge and understanding of
normal and pathological human function to be able to contribute fully to
research in these areas. Honours degrees in Human Movement Sciences or
Engineering and a PhD or equivalent, preferably in biomechanics/human
movement sciences are essential

A professorial appointment will be made for an appropriate candidate which
will attract a higher salary. Job sharers welcome.

Call (01273) 642849 (24 hours), visit www.brighton.ac.uk/vacancies/
, or email m.e.trew@bton.ac.uk

Closing date: 27 February 2004
Ref: HH4014

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