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Kyle Voge
02-09-2004, 12:35 AM
Apologies if this was already sent... my computer glitched out right after I
hit send and I am not sure if it made it out or not.

I know that research in supermaximal (supramaximal?) muscle stimulation shows
that it is possible for a muscle to generate more force fwith the use of
external stimulation than by conscious effort alone.

Does anyone know of any data concerning differences in maximum voluntary
effort and electrically stimulated maximum force levels between males and females?
That is, do males reach x% of their max while females reach y%?

I am doing some research on muscular endurance in males vs. females, and I
would like to know if using a load scaled to each subject's relative maximum is
a valid measure.

Thank you very much,
Kyle Voge
Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Texas at Austin
(541) 760 4800

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