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Jim Woodburn
02-10-2004, 01:26 AM

9th EMED Scientific Meeting (ESM)
Weetwood Hall Conference Centre
Leeds, UK

JULY 29TH - AUGUST 1ST, 2004

The 9th ESM will be hosted by the Academic Unit of Musculoskeletal Disease,
School of Medicine, University of Leeds, UK. The meeting is open to every
scientist/clinician who works in the field of pressure distribution
measurement and analysis. As in previous meetings, which took
place in Liverpool (UK), Vienna (Austria), Flagstaff (USA), Ulm (Germany),
Penn State (USA), Brisbane (Australia), Munich (Germany) and Kananaskis
(Canada) the goal of the meeting is to share experiences and results in the
area of pressure distribution measurement. The format will consist of
scientific paper presentations, workshops, and discussion sessions, all
centred around the application of pressure distribution measurements in the
biomechanical, medical,
and technical fields.

Research in the area of pressure distribution analysis, with an emphasis on
- biomechanics - orthopaedics
- gait and locomotion - prosthetics
- diabetes - ergonomics
- sports - industrial applications

The novel 2004 award, 5.000, will be presented for the best scientific
manuscript in the field of dynamic pressure distribution analysis. Deadline
for submission of abstracts is March 15th, 2004. Awards for the Best Poster
and Best Presentation will also be presented. Each award will be to the
value of 1000.

Details of the meeting and on-line registration can be found at:



Dr Jim Woodburn
MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow
Academic Unit of Musculoskeletal Disease
School of Medicine
University of Leeds
36 Clarendon Road
Leeds, LS2 9NZ

t- 0113 343 4938
f- 0113 244 5533
e- j.woodburn@leeds.ac.uk

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