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02-10-2004, 09:53 PM
Dear Colleagues,

The policy of Journal of Sports Science and Medicine in serving Sports
Science and Sports Medicine is to make the latest developments in the
field easily and freely accessible to
the readers. Supporting and encouraging young investigators in
publishing high quality publications is one of the JSSM’s major goals.
Starting in 2004, JSSM is announcing the Young
Investigator Special Issue.

A large amount of high-quality research is conducted every year by
students and young investigators in universities and institutes. The
major part of the results from these studies are
presented and printed in a form of theses or dissertations. However,
these studies often remain in the local libraries, as a kind of
“fugitive literature”. This type of literature does not
reach the scientific community or databases. JSSM is now serving young
researchers as a channel for publishing their work. Many of the
scientific journals are difficult to reach even
for the experienced researchers. We want to lower this barrier for the
benefit of young investigators.

All principal investigators who have not completed their postgraduate
education are eligible to submit their work to JSSM Young Investigator
Special Issue. The Young Investigator
Special Issue will follow a normal peer-review process, except that
there will not be straight rejections in the first phase of review. Our
Editors and Reviewers of the Young
Investigator Special Issue are advised to proceed with constructive
advice and remarks for all manuscripts submitted to the Journal. This
will offer a great opportunity for the Young
Investigators to revise the manuscript, while at the same time
contributing to the learning process. Thereafter, if the revisions are
properly conducted according to the remarks from
reviewers, the manuscripts will be accepted for publishing.

All the manuscripts submitted to the JSSM must be prepared according to
the JSSM Guidelines for Authors. Submission of well-prepared manuscripts
will ensure a quick review
process. Only the manuscripts submitted by August 1, 2004 will be
considered for publication in the 2004 JSSM Young Investigator Special
Issue. The manuscripts submitted after
this date will be evaluated for the 2005 Special Issue. For further
information, please contact the editors of the Young Investigator
Special Issue.

Mustafa Atalay, MD, MPH, PhD
Young Investigator Special Issue Editor
Assoc. Editor-in Chief of J Sports Sci & Med

Department of Physiology
University of Kuopio
POB 1627, 70211 Kuopio
Tel: +358 17 163 108
Fax: +358 17 163 112

J Sports Sci & Med is indexed in SPORTSDiscus

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