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02-11-2004, 08:29 AM
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Young-Hui Chang
Georgia Institute of Technology

A special issue on Spinal Biomechanics has come out in the
Journal of Biomechanics, Vol. 37, issue 2:

Stokes, I. A. F. (2004). "Special issue on spinal biomechanics." Journal of
Biomechanics 37(2): 171-171.


Fernandez-Seara, M. A., S. L. Wehrli, et al. (2004). "Water content measured
by proton-deuteron exchange NMR predicts bone mineral density and mechanical
properties." Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 19(2): 289-296.

Haddock, S. M., O. C. Yeh, et al. (2004). "Similarity in the fatigue
behavior of trabecular bone across site and species." Journal of
Biomechanics 37(2): 181-187.


Rozanov, D. V., E. I. Deryugina, et al. (2004). "Aberrant, persistent
inclusion into lipid rafts limits the tumorigenic function of membrane type-
1 matrix metalloproteinase in malignant cells." Experimental Cell Research
293(1): 81-95.


Broomhall, S. D. (2004). "Egg temperature modifies predator avoidance and
the effects of the insecticide endosulfan on tadpoles of an Australian
frog." Journal of Applied Ecology 41(1): 105-113.

Butler, M. and A. S. Johnson (2004). "Are melanized feather barbs stronger?"
Journal of Experimental Biology 207(2): 285-293.

Durier, V. and C. Rivault (2003). "Exploitation of home range and spatial
distribution of resources in German cockroaches (Dietyoptera :
Blattellidae)." Journal of Economic Entomology 96(6): 1832-1837.

Phillips, J. D. and D. A. Marion (2004). "Pedological memory in forest soil
development." Forest Ecology and Management 188(1-3): 363-380.

Stratton, G. E., R. B. Suter, et al. (2004). "Evolution of water surface
locomotion by spiders: a comparative approach." Biological Journal of the
Linnean Society 81(1): 63-78.


Hook, M. A., A. R. Ferguson, et al. (2004). "Monitoring recovery after
injury: Procedures for deriving the optimal test window." Journal of
Neurotrauma 21(1): 109-118.

Karatas, M., N. Cetin, et al. (2004). "Trunk muscle strength in relation to
balance and functional disability in unihemispheric stroke patients."
American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 83(2): 81-87.

Kingma, I. and J. H. van Dieen (2004). "Lifting over an obstacle: effects of
one-handed lifting and hand support on trunk kinematics and low back
loading." Journal of Biomechanics 37(2): 249-255.


Beloozerova, I. N. and S. Rossignol (2004). "Antidromic discharges in dorsal
roots of decerebrate cats. II: studies during treadmill locomotion." Brain
Research 996(2): 227-236.

Biewener, A. A., C. McGowan, et al. (2004). "Dynamics of leg muscle function
in tammar wallabies (M-eugenii) during level versus incline hopping."
Journal of Experimental Biology 207(2): 211-223.

Higham, T. E. and B. C. Jayne (2004). "Locomotion of lizards on inclines and
perches: hindlimb kinematics of an arboreal specialist and a terrestrial
generalist." Journal of Experimental Biology 207(2): 233-248.

Higham, T. E. and B. C. Jayne (2004). "In vivo muscle activity in the
hindlimb of the arboreal lizard, Chamaeleo calyptratus: general patterns and
the effects of incline." Journal of Experimental Biology 207(2): 249-261.


Lee, C. H. (2004). "A phase space spline smoother for fitting trajectories."
Ieee Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part B-Cybernetics 34(1):


Burkeen, A. K., S. L. Maday, et al. (2004). "Disruption of Caenorhabditis
elegans muscle structure and function caused by mutation of troponin."
Biophysical Journal 86(2): 991-1001.

Buzzi, R., P. Aglietti, et al. (2004). "Lateral collateral ligament
reconstruction using a semitendinosus graft." Knee Surgery Sports
Traumatology Arthroscopy 12(1): 36-42.


Luo, C., J. W. Clark, et al. (2004). "Multimodal behavior in a four neuron
ring circuit: Mode switching." Ieee Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
51(2): 205-218.


Carroll, M., G. Lewis, et al. (2004). "Evaluation of a synthetic bone defect
test model to aid in the selection of materials for use in vertebral body
compression fracture repair." Orthopedics 27(1): S119-S122.

Dietz, H. P. (2004). "Ultrasound imaging of the pelvic floor. Part I: two-
dimensional aspects." Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology 23(1): 80-92.

Schipper, I. B., E. W. Steyerberg, et al. (2004). "Treatment of unstable
trochanteric fractures - Randomised comparison of the gamma nail and the
proximal femoral nail." Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-British Volume
86B(1): 86-94.


Bass, E. C., E. V. Wistrom, et al. (2004). "Heat-induced changes in porcine
annulus fibrosus biomechanics." Journal of Biomechanics 37(2): 233-240.

Goertzen, D. J., C. Lane, et al. (2004). "Neutral zone and range of motion
in the spine are greater with stepwise loading than with a continuous
loading protocol. An in vitro porcine investigation." Journal of
Biomechanics 37(2): 257-261.

Pollintine, P., A. S. Przybyla, et al. (2004). "Neural arch load-bearing in
old and degenerated spines." Journal of Biomechanics 37(2): 197-204.

Stupar, M., D. Mauron, et al. (2003). "Inter-examiner reliability of the
diagnosis of cervical pillar hyperplasia (CPH) and the correlation between
CPH and spinal degenerative joint disease (DJD) - art. no. 28." Bmc
Musculoskeletal Disorders 4: 28-28.


Palmieri, R. M., C. D. Ingersoll, et al. (2004). "Arthrogenic muscle
response to a simulated ankle joint effusion." British Journal of Sports
Medicine 38(1): 26-30.

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