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Jim Cavanaugh
02-11-2004, 12:25 PM
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Rutgers University

Biomedical Engineering

Spring Seminar Series

"Virtual Reality Assets for Assessment, Therapy and Rehabilitation"

Albert "Skip" Rizzo, Ph.D.

Integrated Media Systems Center and School of Gerontology

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.

Monday March 1, 2004

1:00 - 2:00 pm - Fiber Optics Auditorium, Busch Campus, Piscataway

For directions to the seminar, visit


Virtual Reality (VR) has now emerged as a promising tool in many domains
of assessment, therapy and rehabilitation (Rizzo, Schultheis, Kerns &
Mateer, 2003; Weiss & Jessel, 1998; Zimand, Anderson, Gershon, Graap,
Hodges, & Rothbaum, 2002; Glantz, Rizzo & Graap, 2003). Continuing
advances in VR technology along with concomitant system cost reductions
have supported the development of more usable, useful, and accessible VR
systems that can uniquely target a wide range of physical,
psychological, and cognitive rehabilitation concerns and research
questions. What makes VR application development in the therapy and
rehabilitation sciences so distinctively important is that it represents
more than a simple linear extension of existing computer technology for
human use. VR offers the potential to create systematic human testing,
training and treatment environments that allow for the precise control
of complex dynamic 3D stimulus presentations, within which sophisticated
interaction, behavioral tracking and performance recording is possible.
Much like an aircraft simulator serves to test and train piloting
ability, virtual environments can be developed to present simulations
designed to assess and rehabilitate human functional performance under a
range of stimulus conditions that are not easily deliverable and
controllable in the real world. When combining such assets within the
context of relevant, ecologically enhanced Virtual Environments, a
fundamental advancement could emerge in how human performance can be
addressed in many rehabilitation disciplines. This talk will detail the
assets that are available with VR applications in assessment, therapy
and rehabilitation and within that context, present examples of virtual
environments that illustrate each asset. The value of a
multidisciplinary approach for the design and implementation of VR will
be emphasized with examples spanning the fields of rehabilitation,
psychology, neuroscience, physical therapy, occupational therapy,
special education and social work.

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