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02-14-2004, 07:17 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers:

Some weeks ago, I posted a question about how to check accuracity and
precision in MoCap systems.Thank you very much for the replies to my

There isn't any "standardized" method for determining accuracy and
precision. Some methods use specific (and complex) devices in order to test
the accuracy, resolution and repeatability. Some investigators have measured
the distances beetween 2 markers or the angle formed by 3 to validate
systems. Some of them moves a stick with markers through the working area.
Others compare the captured movement with a high precision movement done by
certain devices like plotters, pendulums, etc.

Following is a summary of the references I received:

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Thanks again for all the replies.

Juan Luis Garrido Castro

Dept. Computing and Numerical Analysis
University of Cordoba

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