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Brian Davis
02-18-2004, 12:55 AM
Dear Colleagues

The 2004 Cleveland Clinic Bone Summit is a multidisciplinary 3-day
conference devoted to exploring innovative strategies for local and systemic
skeletal repair, augmentation and regeneration. The Summit will explore
fundamental biological concepts and technologies that advance the design and
assessment of clinical strategies for bone tissue engineering. Primary
fracture healing, treatment of non-union, bone grafting for spinal fusion,
bone grafting for skeletal and craneofacial reconstruction, and the systemic
prevention and treatment of osteoporosis will be highlighted.

Quantitative methods for clinical assessment of stem cell prevalence and
kinetics, bone mass, bone remodeling and structural organization will also
be defined and applied in the context of contemporary clinical challenges. A
renowned faculty of leaders in bone biology and therapeutics will provide
plenary overviews of each basic and clinical topic area and lead discussion.

Please note that the deadline for abstract submissions is April 1, 2004.
See the following website for details:


Regards, Brian Davis

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