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02-18-2004, 02:14 AM
4 Biomedical Engineering Positions - University of Calgary

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Calgary is developing an
undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering, and consequently has
current openings for several positions in the area of Biomedical
Engineering. All positions are at the Assistant Professor level.

The successful candidates will be expected to complement the current
biomedical engineering group in the Faculty in teaching and research, to
participate in joint projects, and to develop a strong independent
research program using the available extensive experimental and
numerical analysis facilities within the Faculty. The appointees will be
expected to teach at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in their
relevant area of biomedical engineering and in other, related,
engineering courses. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary.
Applicants will be placed in the relevant engineering departments, of
which the Faculty has five: Chemical and Petroleum, Civil, Electrical
and Computer, Geomatics, and Mechanical and Manufacturing. Joint
appointments with the Faculty of Kinesiology are planned.

Position 1 - Tissue Engineering: An individual with expertise in the
area of tissue engineering. Research and teaching will focus on one or
more of the following areas: on isolation, culturing and differentiation
of stem cells; cell-biomaterial interactions; three-dimensional assembly
of cells and biomaterials; and investigating key engineering design
parameters, including transport phenomena, fluid mechanics, and
biomechanics, as well as cellular and molecular aspects of tissue
engineering constructs. Candidates will be expected to integrate basic
science and engineering research with clinical applications such as
neurodegenerative diseases or sports injury rehabilitation. Candidate
should have a background in chemical, biological or mechanical
engineering or equivalent with significant experience in biomedical

Position 2 Mechanics of Biological Materials, Structures and Systems:
An individual with expertise in the area of biological materials,
structures and system mechanics, who is capable of making strong
contributions in teaching and research in one or more of the following
areas will be preferred: constitutive and structural behavior of
complex biological tissues, functional adaptation to mechanical
environment, multi-phasic materials, anisotropic and composite
materials, structural and micro-structural behaviour, numerical modeling
of biological systems to tissues to cells, failure theories, and
biomedical devices. Successful applicants will require expertise in
experimental and/or computational and analytical approaches to these
topics. Candidate should have a background in mechanical or civil
engineering or equivalent with significant experience in biomedical

Position 3 Cellular/Molecular Biomechanics: An individual with
expertise in the area of cellular/molecular biomechanics. Applicants
with expertise in one or more of the following areas will be preferred:
molecular structural properties, cell biomechanics, cell motility,
mechanical and electro-chemical properties of biological tissues and
molecular motors. Successful applicants will require a solid background
in cellular/molecular physiology, anatomy and mechanics including
neuromuscular systems at an electrical level.

Position 4 Bioelectricity/Bio-instrumentation: An individual with
expertise in the area of Bioelectricity and Bio-instrumentation.
Applicants with expertise in one or more of the following areas
bioelectric phenomena, biomagnetism, bio-instrumentation, or medical
signal processing. Candidate should have significant experience in
biomedical engineering.

The Faculty has excellent testing facilities and has a strong record for
experimental and numerical research. Current Biomedical Engineering
research is carried out in collaboration with members of the Faculties
of Medicine, Kinesiology (Human Performance Laboratory), and Science,
and utilizes facilities in the McCaig Centre (Joint Injury and Arthritis
Research Group) at the University of Calgary. The University is part of
the province-wide MACI computer system which also supports finite
element software. The Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology (CCIT),
recently opened, will support facilities for research and technology
transfer in bioengineering.

Applicants who consider themselves eligible for more than one of the
posted positions are encouraged to apply for those positions for which
they consider themselves eligible.

Deadline for applications is March 31, 2004, but applications will be
received until the positions are filled. Applications including a
curriculum vitae, a short statement of research interests and of
teaching focus and philosophy, and three sealed letters of reference
(alternatively, these latter can be sent directly to the address below),
together with the names, addresses and e-mail addresses of the three
referees must be sent to:

T.G. Brown, Head,
Department of Civil Engineering,
University of Calgary,
2500 University Drive NW,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4,
Fax: (403) 282-7026;
Email: bmesinfo@ucalgary.ca

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and
permanent residents will be given priority. The University of Calgary
respects, appreciates, and encourages diversity.

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