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Brian Davis
08-05-1993, 03:47 AM
VasosPeter J Panagiotopoulos2d asked the following questions:
(1) I'm curious as to the progress of the Artificial Heart projects at
Utah, Penn and Baylor. (Who's the fourth?)

There are actually five programs in the U.S.A. The Cleveland Clinic
Foundation (CCF) has been collaborating with Nimbus Inc. for a number of
years on a total artificial heart program. In addition, ABIOMED (in
Massachussettes) has a program in this area.

Besides a totally artificial heart (that is pulsatile), our department at
the CCF is also developing a non-pulsatile artificial heart.

(2) Didn't someone actually invent a synthetic muscle fiber which contracts
according to current?

Something that is far from an artificial muscle (but rather a gel that does
contract under the influence of an electric field) was discussed in an
article in Scientific American, Vol. 244, pages 110-123, 1981.

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