View Full Version : Quantification of SEMG.

Tony Schneiders
02-24-2004, 11:24 AM
This a repeat posting.
I have received no-replies at all about this so for, so for those who thought someone
else would reply here's your chance to help out-please.

Hoping some one can help me out with this one?

Quantification of SEMG.
I have used SEMG to record the activity of the back extensors and the
oblique. My primary analysis was temporal but now I want to use integral
This traditionally uses the mean (0.637 of one half of the peak to peak
however with my temporal analysis I processed only the RMS value ((0.707
of one
half of the peak to peak value).

I do not want to reprocess the data.
Can I use the RMS values for Integral averaging?
If so, can I still call it integral averaging or is their another title
that fits best? (RMS integral averaging?)
Your advice appreciated.

Tony Schneiders
University of Otago

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