View Full Version : Grip force

Shim, Jaeho
03-04-2004, 09:05 AM
I am interested in measuring force exerted on the grip of an exercise
machine with the resistance provided in both directions by a hydraulic
cylinder. I believe one way is to determine the force property of the
cylinder and use the geometry of the machine to determine the force
generated at the human and equipment interface (i.e., grip). However, I
don't know how accurate this would be. So, I would like to try to
directly measure force from the grip using a grip pressure sensor, but
it will measure how hard the person is gripping but not how much force
is produced in one direction or the other. Someone suggested placing
sensors on both sides, so when pushing in one direction, the force
measured from the opposite side sensor can be subtracted from the force
measured from the sensor on the side where pushing force was produced.

I was wondering if anyone had a better idea. If this might be the only
way, can anyone recommend grip force manufacturing companies? I was
able to find only Tekscan, but I am sure there are other companies. I
found many companies that manufacture foot pressure sensors which I
think can be modified and used to measure grip force. Any suggestions?

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